New Summer Tech Releases

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With the oh-so-quiet launch of Windows 10 last week, it seems fitting to have a look at the latest tech releases this summer to see if there is anything worth shouting about out there...   Latest Phone Releases For something to shout into, a phone comes in very ...

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Who's buying the Apple Watch?

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The Apple Watch is proving exceedingly popular. So popular, it feels as if we're shipping little else here at forward2me! Apple have made some outstanding products through the years and their attention to detail, functionality and style are what appeals to our customers. How do we know this, I ...

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It's time for the Apple Watch

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The Apple Watch. Probably the most anticipated piece of wearable tech to date. Are you eagerly awaiting its arrival? Will it be your Christmas present (if you can wait that long) or are you going to treat a loved one to the latest Apple Watch as a surprise gift? I ...

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Ph-abulous Phablet - the Xiaomi Redmi Note

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You might not have heard of Xiaomi...yet. The Gadget Show says the company is set to become China's Apple equivalent. It produces high-spec, low-cost smart phones and tablets, as well as phablets (another new word for me this morning). The Xiaomi Redmi Note is their latest ...

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New Audio Equipment

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The world of audio equipment has become a complex place. Here at forward2me, we've taken a look at some of the current reviews and technology available to decipher what the best new audio equipment is for 2014. So what's the best way to listen to the sounds of ...

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