Top buys to keep the kids happy over summer!

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The summer holidays are upon us! Whilst it’s great to be able to spend more time with the kids when they’re off school over summer, it can sometimes be difficult to think of enough activities to keep them occupied!  Here are some our best finds from across ...

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Shoes, shoes and more shoes!

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British fashion is flying out of our distribution centre here at forward2me and shoes are no exception! We have shoes, trainers and sneakers coming in to be repackaged and sent out across the world on a daily basis. Here we take a look at the top 5 categories of shoes ...

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Carry on camping…

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At this time of year, camping really comes into its own. Whether you’re a regular camper, an occasional camper or are going camping as part of visiting a festival or other event, there’s something special about sleeping under the stars and being close to the elements. Whatever the ...

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New balls please?

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Next week sees the start of Wimbledon here in the UK. As one of tennis’ most prestigious events, Wimbledon always generates a great deal of excitement – not only for avid tennis fans but also for sports fans generally. And it’s not just Wimbledon that sports fans have got to ...

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