Our Vans are Nintendo filled!

Nintendo, the games company, has teamed up with Vans. Not 'vans' as in the mode of transport, but Vans, the shoes and other designer gear that teenagers and young adults adore. If you are about 13, this is really BIG news. If you're not, it soon will be once they realise that it's only so many sleeps until the 'C' word and that all they want for Christmas is a pair of Super Mario shoes 'cos all their friends have them and they're so coool, they're awesome, and that they can't actually wait that long and please, Mum, please...I'll tidy my room, honest...

Which games are there in the new Vans range? Nintendo ones, of course. My personal favourite is Zelda, I have spent many a wasted hour trying to catch virtual fish and being attacked by scary black bird-things. Super Mario is there, they look the 'wackiest' shoes but possibly the nicest of the range. One I hadn't heard of is something to do with shooting ducks, the aptly named 'Duck Hunt'. Never seen that, let alone played it so I probably won't get the matching shoes although the camouflage styling would appeal to my son. Donkey Kong is right up my street too - the colours are funky and the shoes are coool. Mum, are you reading this? Mum, please...pretty please?

Princess Peach is the most obviously girly range, (apologies if you're a bloke who just happens to be really in touch with your feminine side, Santa will understand) but the others are fairly unisex (to my untrained oldies' eye).  The Nintendo Classic range is as described - a simple motif with wearable colours and style. I'd probably choose this as an everyday option and wear the Super Mario or Donkey Kong ones for high days and holidays if I was hip and trendy like you.

Each of the Nintendo x Vans ranges has backpacks, T-shirts, the shoes (of course), socks and even shoes for toddlers. It appeals to kids, teens and even older folks like me. My son would probably like the Mario socks and the hoodies look gorgeous. Vans are not cheap though, lots of pocket money and chores to be done before any come winging this way. If I were you, though, I'd get in quick. These styles will probably sell out fast if they are like all the other brands of trainers. Some folks even collect them.

Keep your eye out for competitions like this one from Zalando - you could be lucky. Just use forward2me's secure international shipping to get your Nintendo x Vans before anyone else. They're available from the Vans website or from Footlocker, Schuh and other retailers. So coool.