Our ultimate guide to the top tech


Tech is advancing all the time and there’s always a new gadget to get your hands on. From cameras to smartphones to fitness devices, here are 5 of the best tech items by category on the market right now.


Customers tend to be loyal to a particular brand when it comes to smartphones so it’s the job of the manufacturers to try and win new fans. This makes smartphones a highly competitive – and therefore exciting – category of tech. Although different phones have their own unique features that we love, one of our favourites has to be the Samsung Galaxy S8. Its Infinity Edge display which occupies 84% of the phone’s front body makes this device stand out from the pack. Compared to other smartphones, the S8 also has a decent battery life and a better camera, making it a winner on lots of levels. Take a look at the S8’s full specs here.


Headphones have stepped up a gear in the past few years – particularly since the launch of Bose’s QC35 noise cancelling model. But if you’re spending upwards of £250 on a pair of headphones, you’ll want to be sure you’re getting the best. As an alternative to Bose, Sony’s MDR-1000X headphones are noise cancelling and have Bluetooth capability. We particularly like the dynamic sound and better focussed bass from this headset and the wireless technology makes listening to Spotify or a podcast super easy and convenient.

Wearable fitness gadgets

Built for triathletes, the Garmin Forerunner 935 is the ultimate in wearable fitness tech. It’s 100% waterproof and is packed with calculators and metrics so you can really dig deep into your fitness tracking. This isn’t the cheapest fitness watch so if you’re more of a casual exerciser this one may not be for you! But if you’re big into running, cycling, swimming or all three, it’s well worth a look.

Smart watches

Apple may not have taken our crown in the smartphone category, but when it comes to smart watches, no-one else comes close to the Apple Watch series 2. It seems that Apple really listened to what their customers wanted from the revised version of their ever-popular watch and this one is 50-metre water resistant and has in-built GPS. And with its slick design, multiple strap and facia options and bags full of features, the new Apple Watch is both beautiful and practical for everyday use.


When it comes to the design of laptops, Apple MacBooks lead the way in many people’s eyes. However, not everyone favours Apple’s suite of apps or operating system, with many people preferring Windows for work and everyday usage. The HP Spectre 13 offers the style and grace of a MacBook yet on a Windows platform. This ultra-lux laptop comes in ash grey with copper tones and is also super-thin, making it easily transportable. HP haven’t sacrificed substance in favour of style; the Spectre 13 has an Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, and 13.3" Full HD screen.  You can pick it up from John Lewis here.