Our pick of the best phones at forward2me...

If your phone is looking a bit tired or you're just tired of looking at it, why not take a look at our pick of the best phones around at the moment?

The question used to be 'smartphone or not?' but nowadays almost all phones are clever multi-functional devices. The question now is 'android or smartphone?'. Add the new windows phones in to the equation and there is still far too much choice out there. So who are the leaders in the phone race? We've looked at the reviews of all the best phones available at the moment and drawn up our list of contenders.

Apple. Well, of course. Apple make some of the most desirable products on the planet and once you've had an Apple iPhone, it's hard to switch back. Their current models include the iPhone 6 S and iPhone 6 S Plus, as well as the iPhone SE. The latest models are the iPhone 6 Ss (too many sssss, I feel like hissing Sid). They have better cameras, slightly improved battery and memory capacity and the all important 'latest model' feel... Surprisingly (or not, depending on your viewpoint) Apple are no longer considered the best smartphones in the world by many of the industry reviewers including TechAdvisor and Techradar. But who is?

Nexus? Nope. The Google Nexus is up there though, and a strong contender in most reviews. Android (of course) and running on marshmallows (sounds a bit sticky to me). It comes in some pretty colours and the Nexus 6P makes it into the Top 10 for it's simple interface, brilliant display and power.

Microsoft Lumia? Hmmm. This Windows phone doesn't make it into the Top 10 of any of the reviews but I think that it will become more popular. It's affordable and the Windows operating system makes it compatible with all sorts of other gear most folks have - PCs, and to my son's delight, the X-Box.

Sony Experia Z5? Now this phone is rated very highly across the board. But it's still not the best phone, not yet. It has an excellent camera and a 'two-day' battery (believe it when I see it...). There are different models, with the compact version at 4.6 inches being one of the smallest phones to make it into the Top Ten reviews.

I'm not going to cover all the phones available here because I think the time has come to unveil the phone that the reviewers rate the most highly. *Drumroll...* It's the... *expectant silence* Samsung Galaxy S7. It's waterproof, looks amazing and is probably a bloomin' good phone.

Not in the Top 10, but still very good phones, Huawei are great if you need a bargain Android phone for the kids. Huawei now make one of the Nexus models and the latest Huawei is in the Top 20 (rather than the Top 10). Worth a look.

So there you have it. If you're looking to buy a new phone, treat yourself and use our door-to-door tracked delivery to get the best one for you.