On yer bike with forward2me


Cycling season is upon us. It's time to dust off that lycra and dig the bike out from the shed. Oh dear, it really has seen better days (and that's just the shed...). If your bike really is past it, why not have a look at some of the new cycles available? Here at forward2me, we've already seen many bikes passing through en-route for exotic destinations this month. Why not use our secure international shipping to treat yourself to a new set of wheels too?

Family Cycling

Kid's birthday coming up? Time for a new bike? I know the feeling. You might be at the trailer bike stage or just need a seat to take a toddler so that the whole family can enjoy a bike ride. Reasonably priced kid's bikes can be found at sportsdirect, toysrus and Halfords. Argos usually have good deals and for a really good range of brands, bikes2Udirect have hundreds to choose from. If you're a more dedicated cycling family and want the kids to have 'proper' bikes, Isla Bikes have lightweight, aluminium frames.

Cycle Enthusiasts

If you take your cycling a bit more seriously than me and actually want to get somewhere; use forward2me's door to door tracked service to bring you a new bike this season. You'll no doubt want something with gears that doesn't have a shopping basket on the front (and you probably look good in lycra too). Tredz have a good range of mountain, road and hybrid bikes. The Bike Factory also has a range of affordable cycles.


Ah. You folks don't even need stabilisers anymore! Here at forward2me, we've shipped several custom-built bikes recently. The UK has a really strong tradition of quality in bikes and cycling. Westbrook have professional cycles and the gear that you need to really get going. Beacon bikes custom build and have an international reputation. Condor also custom build. If you want something quirky, try specialbike.

Cycling Gear

If you're a racer and need performance gear, then Velotec and Raceskin are for you. Cyclesurgery has a great selection of affordable clothing. Sportsdirect also have lots to choose from.

Armchair Cyclists

Check out these exercise bikes from FitnessSuperstore if you don't want to leave the house in lycra or if you want to stay fit at any time of the day or night. Don't forget to contact our customer services department if you have any problems using your international credit card.

So choose your bike, the helmet and the gear online and let forward2me do the rest!