XBox One or PS4?

Calling all hard-core gamers out there. If you've totalled your playstation or maxed out your old xbox, never fear. The latest games consoles are on their way.

There has been a lot of hype and mystery surrounding the launch of the new games consoles. The XBox One has been revealed gradually and the key details are now available. The new PS4's specs are also out and the comparisons are interesting (if you like this kind of thing).

So which games console to choose?

Price. That's usually a major factor and superficially, the XBox One is the more expensive of the two games consoles. However, closer examination reveals that this is because the playstation doesn't include the camera that you'll need to play most of the games. Once you factor in the extra for this, there's only a few quid in it.

Power. It's all about the ewe ram. Or is it? Both have 8GB at their disposal. The playstation comes out on top because it uses a faster GDDR5 memory. Both of them have a 500GB hard drive. When it comes to graphics, the playstation also streaks ahead with a 50% larger GDU.

Connectivity. The PS4 creeps ahead again here by the skin of its bluetooth; the only connection that the XBox One doesn't have. Both come with all the standard ethernet, Wi-fi, USB etc. connections that we've come to expect from games consoles.

Controllers. The XBox One has a new 'impulse trigger' but essentially stays the same whereas the PS4 has a trackpad in the centre and built-in 'move' motion control. This probably puts the PS4 ahead again.

There seems to be very little between the two major games consoles available soon. The PS4 is ahead in terms of the specs, but only very slightly in terms of the actual functionality. It's also marginally cheaper. What you will have to consider is which games you want to play - there are some that are only available for one of the games consoles - Halo and Minecraft are only available on the XBox One, for example. Keep an eye on the latest releases to see which will be the best for the games you want as new titles are always being released.

About the release - just how do you get hold of these games consoles? Both are now available to pre-order from Amazon, Asda, Game and Zavvi to name but a few. You can use your forward2me UK postal address and our secure international delivery to make sure that you can play to your heart's content.

So don't just twiddle your thumbs empty handed, treat yourself to the latest games console!