Need Inspiration? See what our customers are buying...


It's intriguing to see the things that people buy using their forward2me accounts. If you were to create a profile of a person from what they buy, it might throw up a few surprises. Are you feeling nosey? A little curious? What kind of profile would you have? What do you buy?

For example, we've spotted a lot of customers feeling a little poorly or congested. Vicks humidifiers are wending their way around the globe using our door-to-door tracked delivery service to give relief to those of you with sinusitis, catarrh or just the seasonal snuffles. We hope you feel better soon!

If a humidifier isn't enough to cheer you up, why not follow the trend and have a special surprise treat box delivered? This is a really interesting idea for either yourself or friends and loved ones who like a little pampering now and again. You can order different themed boxes from the My Little Box company that contain cosmetics, accessories and a magazine. The boxes are delivered monthly for as many months as you subscribe. Just use forward2me to deliver your surprises. If you are a makeup and beauty buff, a similar box scheme is available from Glossy Box, it's a bit like a magazine subscription except that you get to play with all the goodies. I think these would make great Christmas and birthday gifts or a really thoughtful present (men are you reading this?) for the women (or glamorous men?) in your life.

Tech. Oh yes and my favourite kind of tech, the ever popular and amazing Sonos system. I succumbed to one of these and if there was a fire in the house, it's what I would save. That is all I am saying. Sorry kids, sorry dog... No seriously, it's amazing and easy to use. I might save the dog... If you're on a budget and still want to stream music, the Neet Airstream system has been very popular too.

Who would have thought that boil-in-the-bag meals would become state-of-the-art haute cuisine? Next we'll all be putting stuff in tins before we eat it...What I'm talking about is something I've only seen on the telly where a top chef vacuum seals something then slow-cooks it in a vat of water. Heston Blumenthal does it. Delia probably doesn't...It's called sous-vide and it's meant to be the next big thing in cookery. We've been shipping sous-vide equipment from a company called Avida all around the world using our fast international shipping, so if you fancy some tender steaks or some slow-poached vegetables, take a look online. The website has recipes and to be honest, it looks easy and healthy, not too 'cheffy' at all!

Last but not least, many of our customers are gamers or live with young gamers. Wii U Dark Pit Amiibo figures are in short supply and as the store says, they are unavailable to non-UK customers. Oh no they're not, just use forward2me and pre-order the latest figures so that you can play.

So, our customer profile is a glamorous, pampered gamer, listening to flawless music whilst eating sous-vide under a humidifier...