Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Can you hear Santa's sleigh bells ringing yet, or is it the sound of a last minute forward2me delivery wending its way towards you?

Have you got everything? Here's our last minute check list so that you don't miss out on any Christmas goodies before our final order date of...

1. Tree. Any kind of tree - big, green, small, white. Sparkly, plain or encrusted with fake snow, there are many to choose from. You can even choose upside-down ones, you just need a really strong angel to hold it up. Take a look at these beauties from Dobbies.

2. Lights. Everywhere. Flash some cash, literally. Festive Lights have hundreds to choose from, indoor and outdoor.

3. Baubles. Ditto. This year's popular colours seem to be Scandinavian-influenced reds and greens with hints of tartan creeping in. For some unusual decorations, try notonthehighstreet for hand-made and arty things.

4. Tinsel. Yup, go for it.                                                     

5. Chocolates. Mmmm. Need I say more? I've been spoilt by hotelchocolat - once you've had theirs, you won't want anything else.  

6. Alcohol. This is actually number one on my list but I'm trying (and failing) to be well behaved. Hic... For something special, Waitrose have an excellent selection of festive tipples to get you toppling.

7. Presents. For him, her, them, their kids, the dog, the rabbit and those folks who kindly give you something unexpectedly but definitely expect something in return...

8. Christmas dinner. We can ship most of the sundries as long as they're non-perishable. Turkeys are safe but if you're a Christmas pudding or a twiglet, we're coming to get you! Asda have plenty to satisfy even the hungriest of guests.

9. Napkins/Serviettes. - depends how posh you are, apparently.

10. Crackers. I am. Are you?

11. Nibbles. Just behind the ear...Oops. I meant crisps, munchies, that kind of thing. Behave!

12. Party games. My favourite is the one where everyone slumps in front of the telly, and when you discover there's absolutely nothing on, scramble for a no. 14. Toysrus have games gallore.

13. Christmas jumper. Santa on springs? Early cracker joke. Sorry. Boohoo (no, it's a shop. The joke was bad but not that bad...) has plenty of jumpers if you need one to party in.

14. Boxed sets. Nothing like a bit of Breaking Bad vintage Only Fools and Horses to set the Christmas mood. Amazon have loads for all the family to fight over choose from.

15. Christmas music. Anything you can still tolerate in the background after being blasted with it continuously by DJs and in shops for the last two months.

If you are missing anything listed above, don't panic. Just shop online and use our fast, international shipping and we'll do the rest. We'll get there before Santa does, we promise!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!