May's the Month for Motorcycle Mania

You don’t have to be hairy to be a biker, but it helps...

Spring has sprung and it’s definitely time to burn some rubber. The first hint of dry, ice-free conditions brings out bikers in droves around here. If you’re lucky enough to bike in sunnier climes, you can enjoy the thrill all-year-round.

Whether you’re on a Vespa or a Harley, you’ll need to make sure that everything is in tip-top condition before you take to the road. Here at forward2me, we’ve noticed a lot of spare parts (no, I don’t mean the other staff) passing through from HiLevel ready to be dispatched using our tracked international shipping service.

The UK has a huge community of motorcycle enthusiasts, and for that reason, there are many specialist suppliers. Spare parts are available online and if you need anything, don’t forget that we can forward it, no matter how big or small - just contact our customer services department if you have any questions.

It’s not just the mechanical side of motorcycle maintenance that you might want to overhaul this season. How’s your helmet? Skid-lids (get me!) are essential and must be in good condition. The latest models even come with rear view and bluetooth built-in.Check out the jackets and protective gear available too.Get Geared stock the full range of gloves, trousers and panniers as well as other essentials.

Are you a vintage traveller? Back in the day, I knew someone who painted leather jackets for bikers and they’re very collectible now. Check out eBay or etsy to find out more. You can ‘upcycle’ your biking with some really cool gear. From 50s leathers to heavy metal artwork, there’s something for everyone. If you want to have a jacket customised with stunning artwork, try Jo Taylor. They also do some amazing helmet designs.

As for the bikes themselves, take a look at these beauties!