Many Happy (Merchant) Returns


Calling all online businesses based outside the UK! Are you put off selling goods online because of the thought of dealing with customer returns? Do you think your customers are put off by the thought of a complicated returns procedure? It can be costly and complicated. Who pays the postage? Is the original packaging intact? Do you have proof that it was damaged on arrival? Never fear, forward2me is here! You can now sign up to our new Returns Management Service.

How does Returns Management work?

You sell beautiful, interesting goods to customers in the UK through eBay, Amazon or other online retailer. Unbelievably, one or two customers are not totally satisfied with the product. They want to return them to you for a refund or exchange. If you sell through a company such as Amazon, you, the retailer, must either pay for return shipping or provide a return address in the customer's home country. In the past, you would have had to pay for return shipping on each individual item (ouch!).

Enter forward2me! We now provide a home address in the UK for customer returns and can consolidate your returns into batches to save you shipping costs. We can also store items for you. If they are of low value or beyond repair and you do not wish to pay for shipping, we will dispose of them for you sustainably. If the goods are damaged, we will record the problems and send you the details. We will also scan in any RMA documents that you need for refunds.

So if you run a business and are looking for a UK based returns management solution, don't hesitate to use forward2me. Check out the details on our website. We have excellent independent customer feedback reviews for our international shipping service. We would be happy to take the hassle and expense out of your UK sales and returns.