Make your whites more colourful with forward2me

When your whites/white goods begin to fade to that slightly yellow colour and the washing machine begins to mangle your clothes; the vacuum cleaner redistributes the dirt around the house instead of removing it and you’re putting things in the freezer to warm up, maybe it’s time for a change and make your whites more colourful with forward2me.

Many of our customers have remarked that the range of electrical goods available is much reduced where they live. For example, only two models of Zanussi washing machine to choose from compared to ten in the UK. At forward2me, we can help you to access them all. Just look online at the full range of goods available in the UK, select the ones you want and we’ll happily deliver using our secure international shipping.

Fridges and freezers have become much more beautiful in the last few years. Very few could still be described as white goods – they come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Check out the ranges from Miele and Smeg. There's even a stripey one! Or, if your taste is more sophisticated, a wine fridge to keep your essential supplies at the perfect temperature.

Washing machines all but iron and fold the clothes now. There are hundreds to choose from including Bosch, Zanussi and LG. You might not need a tumble drier where you are, but there are some great models available that are eco-friendlier than their aged relatives.

In most homes, the dishwasher is an essential feature nowadays. If you haven’t got one or yours is beginning to rebel against the endless drudgery of washing plates - check out John Lewis, Currys or Argos for the best one to suit you; whether it’s a compact counter-top model you need or a massive family-sized monster.

If you have pets, vacuum cleaners are very important. Dyson is probably the most famous British brand. From my own experience, it’s also the best if you have any kind of mess-making pets or children. The ‘Animal’ deals with almost anything and even comes with a vacuuming dog brush attachment. Miele make good, compact models. As well as John Lewis, Argos and Currys, Amazon also has extensive ranges to choose from too.

There are also steam cleaners, jet washers, window cleaners...The list is endless. Just remember that with forward2me, you can choose from the whole range and get British quality delivered to your door.

Please make sure that the model you have chosen is compatible in your country of residence before you make the purchase. Don’t forget to check with our customer services department if you have any other queries.

If you buy a stripey fridge, do you have to eat stripey food?