Live on an outlying island? Don’t worry, we deliver!


Island living is often something people dream about. Whether it’s being within close proximity to the beach that’s the attraction, a more laid back way of life or being ‘away from it all’, there’s no denying that living on an outlying island can offer many advantages.

One thing that can be a struggle, however, is getting hold of items you may want or need and aren’t stocked in local stores. The one downside of living on an island is that the vast majority of items need to be imported, making choice and availability much more limited and of course also having an impact on prices. For those living on outlying islands, this is a reality you will probably have become used to. Perhaps you have just learnt to live without certain things, or maybe you have an ongoing shopping list that you constantly build up and add to; having to wait until you or another family member takes a trip overseas, when you have an almighty shopping spree!

Whilst this might have been the way you shopped in the past, thankfully there’s no need to do so anymore. Did you know that parcel forwarding services, such as that offered by forward2me, allow you to purchase a whole range of products from the UK and have them delivered to your door?

forward2me is helping to bring the world of online shopping to outlying islands around the world. We provide a parcel forwarding service to islands far and wide - including those in well-known iland groups such as the Seychelles and Caribbean, as well as several other smaller islands and island groups such as Christmas Island, Réunion, the Outer Hebrides, American Samoa, Cook Islands, Solomon Islands and many more.

Our service works by providing a UK based address to enter into a website as the ‘shipping address’ when placing an order.  This is important as many websites or products will only deliver to the UK or a limited number of mainland countries. Then, when we receive your item at our warehouse, we arrange for a courier to ship it to your location – however far away or remote. In some instances, we can repack your items to reduce the size of the parcel and therefore the shipping costs. If you want to place orders with multiple retailers, we may also able to combine parcels to keep the ongoing shipping costs to a minimum.

Offering this service to those living in outlying islands really does open up a whole world of shopping options. We receive new shipping requests on a weekly basis for a huge variety of products. Some of the most popular items we ship to outlying islands include fashion & footwear, car parts, DVD’s, games for consoles, tools, books & paper products including wrapping paper and party products. Some of the most popular retailers with our customers are Amazon, Ebay, M&S, Mothercare & Matalan, although the options are virtually endless!

Whilst we can deliver most things to most places, there are some items that are restricted by customs. It is always worth checking before placing your order to avoid disappointment.

If you are interested in our service and want to know more, please get in touch with us and a member of our team will be happy to answer your queries.  

Happy shopping!