Limited Edition with big appeal.

Limited Edition versions of the Nintendo 3DS are a hot property in our depot right now. Some were released to celebrate the 25th anniversaries of Super Mario Bros and of Zelda. Other special Mario editions were originally only sold to buyers in Japan.

What we’ve noticed is that demand for these Limited Editions is soaring: expect to pay as much as £600 on eBay for the Mario versions and up to £350 for the Zelda one. Quite a rise on the regular versions, retailing at around £127!

Why the hike in prices? It’s all about supply and demand: Nintendo have made these Limited Editions in low numbers – just 1,000 of each in some cases – and getting your hands on them just isn’t easy.

So if you’re set on getting hold of one these oh-so-funky consoles, use your Forward2me account. That will make it much easier for you to buy, once you’ve tracked one down from a UK seller.