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We understand here at forward2me that all our customers have different sizes of gardens and there are many types of lawnmowers, we will stick with the little ones, so whether you need a new mower, want a new mower or know someone who does let’s cut to the chase and show you what’s what!


Types of Lawnmowers:


Cylinder Lawnmowers: Ideal for you keen gardeners out there, who are frequent mowers providing an immaculate and clean finish to your lawn with a stunning striped effect. There are a variety of types of cylinder mowers, even those that fold up for the best use of your storage space.


Hover Lawnmowers: Recommended for smaller gardens, lightweight and have great manoeuvrability, as they float on air, make mowing a true dream.


Electric Rotary Mowers: Wheel based mowers suited to medium sized lawns, the rotary blades make them more suitable to longer grass! Often include a grass box to collect your cuttings & choose one with a rear roller and again present your lawn with the finest stripes in your town.


Petrol Lawnmowers: The workhorses of mowers, no need for a cable so they can go anywhere… Perfect for larger lawns and the increased power of the engine ensures longer grass is no issue and you will get the job done before you know it, leaving you more time to sit in the sun! Often include grass boxes to collect your cuttings but can be fitted with mulching decks to recycle the clippings back into your lawn - Check out Mountfield for their exceptional range of mulching mowers.

What Lawnmower is right for you?

We don’t expect you to be experts in choosing mowers and are sure to want a little guidance, let a prestigious high quality mower manufacturer, Qualcast, show you the way?

Qualcast mowers are most readily available through reputable dealers Homebase & Argos, who make regular deliveries to our door!

Where to buy?

When you are looking to buy your new mower we can recommend the best of British manufactures & retailers which sell the whole variety of mowers no matter what you are looking for.

Mountfield, Honda, Hayter to name just a few are renowned lawnmower manufacturers with mowers to suit everyone’s size and type of garden and at this time of year they all have special offers and discounts so what are you waiting for slice your costs today

We can also guide you our favourite retailers: Argos, Homebase & Amazon who provide a sufficient range of choice or check out Lawnmowers direct who have 40years experience in the field (or garden!)

Maintenance & Repair:

If you don’t require a new mower, but would like to maintain the one you have or you need to repair one, you can attain all the possible quality parts you can need from the UK using your forward2me address, why not visit Mower Magic today? They are sure to have everything on your list.

Go green and enjoy the sun?

We understand that it’s often sunny the day you mow your lawns and that you have to do your jobs before you can enjoy the sun. If this sounds like you, then we have the perfect solution so you never have to mow the lawn again. John Deere has produced the Tango E5, which in their words, allows you to enjoy the more important aspects of life.

Why not make your lawn a cut above the rest and use forward2me’s tracked door to door service to occupy a lawnmower just right for you!