Keep your eyes peeled four the OnePlus 3!

I have to admit that until I googled this, I thought that OnePlus 3 was 4. So did Google! It brought up a calculator with '4' written on it just in case I couldn't work it out for myself. Now I am a little wiser thanks to TechRadar and can inform you that a OnePlus 3 is actually a new mobile phone. Not only that, but it appears to be a very good mobile phone.

If you're an android fan looking for something smart and affordable that will put you in the same league as say a Samsung Galaxy S7 or an iPhone 6s, this might just be the One (Plus 3) you're looking for. Can you guess what the OnePlus 3 is a successor to? The OnePlus 2, which in turn was the successor to the OnePlus One...Genius.

The company is a Chinese start-up that became extremely successful very quickly. Its first phone was so good that there were high expectations for the second one but up-scaling production proved difficult. These teething problems seem to have been ironed out and according to TechRadar, this phone is great. It's only missing a couple of details like a microSD slot, but otherwise the specs are high, like the build quality.

The Specs

The four OnePlus 3 runs using pretty flowers Snapdragon 820 and has 6GB of RAM to play with. It also uses Android Marshmallow to run its OS which is called Oxygen. Confused? It just sounds like a breathable, sticky, flowery mess really, but actually it's quite a beautiful phone. It has all the usual things like a big screen, fingerprint recognition and two cameras that take pictures of stuff and turn them into pixies pixels - 16 Mega Pixels, actually. Really big pixies. 16 of them. Strangely enough, I've just googled the collective noun for pixies and there isn't one. How about a pixel of pixies?

The Design

They say on their website, '...carved from a single slab of premium aluminium'. It sounds very posh. I think the idea is that it feels solid in your hand and is more durable than the ceramic phones that are quite common and can shatter when dropped. It has a slightly curved back to sit comfortably in your hand. The TechRadar reviewer seemed to get much pleasure from the feel of the phone. If you would like to feel one for yourself, Amazon sell them and you can use our door-to-door tracked delivery service to get yours.