It's time for the Apple Watch


The Apple Watch. Probably the most anticipated piece of wearable tech to date. Are you eagerly awaiting its arrival? Will it be your Christmas present (if you can wait that long) or are you going to treat a loved one to the latest Apple Watch as a surprise gift? I suspect all the kids will want one. I want one just so I can look cool pretend to be on Star Trek.

If you haven't heard about it yet or seen one, what's all the fuss about? Well, the Apple Watch is the latest in a series of watches to come out. It's a competitor for the Samsung, Moto, Pebble, LG and Sony smart watches that were released last year to mixed reviews. And because it's an Apple product, it has instant desirability because of their high-end design track record. It's also the first watch that comes in a range of styles and sizes. Previous smartwatches have been fairly standard and not that attractive; cumbersome or clunky. Apple have realised that if you are going to wear it, it should look and feel good.


Apple Sport

Funky strap colours abound. The strap is made of 'fluoroelastomer' and comes in five different colours. The case comes in either space grey or silver aluminium. The price range for the Apple Sport is at the more affordable end, from £299 for the 38mm to £339 for the 42mm.

Apple Watch

There are 20 different models of Apple Watch to choose from. Look on the Apple website to see them all. You can also buy interchangeable straps for your watch to give you even more options. These watches are designed to be worn everyday; they look stylish and functional, even elegant. The price is mid-range (for Apple) with the cheapest in this model coming in at £479. The top-end here is £949.

Apple Edition

Hey big spenders...If you are able to spend the price of a family car on a piece of wearable tech, then look no further. The Apple Edition series is beautiful. There are rose gold cases, luxury leathers - the Apple Watch even tells the time. Starting at £8000 and heading into the stratospheric £13,500, compared to a Rolex it's probably a bargain!


The Apple Watch has apps for fitness, email, phone calls etc. and can act as a viewfinder for the camera in the iPhone - many of the apps seem to rely on you already having an iPhone and using the two devices together. You can talk to Siri (if you don't feel too self-conscious),  and add even more apps from the Apple store.

When can you get hold of one?

Available to pre-order from 8.01 on Friday 10th April, available in general from the 24th of April. Just use forward2me's door-to-door tracked delivery service to order your Apple Watch and we'll deliver it on time.