It's Easter Time!


I love Easter. Spring springs, the sun shows its face and everyone seems a little bit happier. Apologies in advance to those of you in the southern hemisphere - enjoy the autumnal vibe instead while you eat your Easter eggs...

So what have you got planned? Is the Easter bunny paying a visit? Will you be hunting for eggs in the garden or planning your next DIY project? Here are a few of our favourite things to enjoy at this time of year:


Well, it goes without saying...Easter eggs are a must-have, whether you need to buy in bulk for all your local kids or you need a luxurious treat for a loved one. Waitrose have cute kids' eggs and some very delectable grown-up treats in their Easter selection. Just choose the ones you need and we'll ship them using our secure international delivery bunnies, fluffy tails and all.


My sap rises at this time of year...I've already spent a small fortune at the garden centre stocking up on new gloves, tools and some useful storage boxes for the garden. If you are planning something a little more spectacular, don't forget that we ship larger items, even sheds or garden features if you are creating a tranquil oasis this Easter. The UK is probably the world leader for gardening products. Take a look at the range of sheds available from GardenBuildingsDirect or the pots, tools and luxuries from Crocus. John Lewis has garden furniture, sculptures and accessories too.


Once the dust has settled from the Spring cleaning, the chips, cracks and general imperfections stand out even more... Easter is a good time to get out the paint brush and renovate the house. B&Q has a lot to offer, as does Wilkinsons if you're looking for a bargain makeover. Ikea is a good port-of-call for furniture on a budget. For elegance and sophistication, use our door-to-door tracked delivery service to bring wallpapers from Zoffany and paints from Farrow and Ball.

Outdoor sports

Easter also begins the countdown to getting 'beach fit', losing all the Winter squishiness so that summer clothes are flattering rather than frightening. Cycling, running and walking all become easier at this time of year. Wiggle has everything for outdoor sports enthusiasts. If you need new sports gear, check out Sports Direct or Nike


No Easter blog would be complete without a reference to camping. Yup, it's that time again! Get the tent down from the loft, check it for mouse holes and make sure that you are weather-proof. If you live somewhere clement, camping isn't quite the endurance hobby that it is here in the UK. Nonetheless, you may well need some good gear to get you through. We can ship tents, sleeping bags - almost anything. Contact our customer services department if you have any questions and take a look at Go Outdoors or Tamarack for equipment.

Happy Easter!