Is Minecraft your child’s favourite?


Minecraft. If you haven't heard of it, where have you been? This game has been around since 2011 and has over 100 million players worldwide. If you have kids, they almost certainly play it as an app, on the PC or X-Box. So what is it?

Published by Mojang, Minecraft is a very creative game where players mine for resources. There are different modes - a creator mode where it's peaceful and you can build anything you group has even built a full model of the Battlestar Gallactica (take a look here) - and two game modes with creepers, battles etc.

If you have older kids or geeky adults in the family, Minecraft gear makes excellent presents. If you're decorating a kid's room, Minecraft themes are quite easy to re-create - anything blocky will do, starting with carpet tiles. Here at forward2me, we've researched a selection of Minecraft goodies to help you if you're looking for inspiration. All you need to do is shop online and we'll deliver using our door-to-door tracked service.

Minecraft Toys

Not content with just playing the game? There are a few toys out there including cool Lego Minecraft sets. There are also soft toys in the form of creepers, pigs and other characters. Merchandise from the Minecraft store includes torches, foam pickaxes and magnet sets. Jewellery is popular too.

Minecraft Clothes

There are hundreds of Minecraft-themes T-shirts available. The official store has a few but check out Redbubble for some original ideas. There are also hoodies, onesies and P-Js. Just use our secure international shipping to bring the Minecraft world to your door.

Minecraft Decorating

I have hunted the net for Minecraft stuff on your behalf and I'm really surprised to report that there is a distinct lack of Minecraft-themed soft-furnishing and paper available to decorate with. You can get wallpapers in a virtual sense, but nothing to put on an actual wall! Minecraft wallpaper doesn't exist yet and bedding is hard to come by unless you source some from Etsy. Posters are easier to come by from the Minecraft store. I'm sensing a massive business opportunity for someone here. The designs are simple, blocks of colour - it lends itself to quilting and cube-shaped furniture. I've looked at John Lewis, M&S, Argos...nothing.

Calling all entrepreneurs!