iPhone and Android activations surged to 6.8m on Christmas Day, say app experts

Instead of watching Christmas TV millions switched on new smartphones and downloaded apps, according to Flurry Analytics.

Millions switched on new smartphones and downloaded apps, say experts. ©Jeff Hester

Apple and Android phone activations reached 6.8m on Christmas Day last year, dubbed ‘Sofa Sunday’, following record breaking activation numbers and accompanied by millions of app downloads.

This is no surprise to us, given the sheer volume of smart phones we shipped to destinations all over the world throughout the Christmas period.

Smartphone app researchers Flurry Analytics revealed that averages of 1.5 million of the devices were activated every day between the 1st December and the so called ‘Sofa Sunday’.

It’s been interesting for us to observe just how many of these new devices have been bought from UK retailers.