Instant Pot – the multifunctional cooking device that’s causing a stir!


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If there’s one kitchen gadget to get your hands on at the moment, it’s the Instant Pot.

The Instant Pot was actually invented back in 2010 before being launched for the UK market in 2014. But it’s only relatively recently that the Instant Pot has really taken off and become a household name after armies of fans from around the world have posted recipes and videos of dishes prepared using this multifunctional gadget.

So what exactly is the Instant Pot? Described as a multi-tasking electric pressure cooker, this modern day version of the classic pressure cooker is designed to not only fit around our busy lifestyles by speeding up cooking times and keeping food warm until it is served (for up to 10 hours), it does all of this whilst using up to 70 per cent less energy than other cooking methods.

Aside from straightforward pressure cooking, the machine’s numerous functions allow it to be used as a slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sautéing machine, yoghurt maker and food warmer. Why have 7 kitchen gadgets when you can have one?!

The main and most popular model is the Instant Pot Duo (the third generation of the original machine). There are also a wide variety of spare parts and Instant Pot official accessories now on the market – including steamer baskets, cake tins, spare inner pots of various capacities, silicone trivet, silicone mitts and pot holders.

Fans from around the world rave about the gadget online, with numerous fan groups across social media channels such as Facebook and Pinterest. With recipes from stews to cheesecakes, the possibilities really are endless. With an Instant Pot springform cake tin, you can also bake sponge cakes!

If you want to try this must have cooking gadget for yourself, or want to get hold of Instant Pot accessories to enhance your one pot cooking repertoire, you can buy online in the UK and have your parcel forwarded to your home address via forward2me’s uk forwarding address.

The Instant Pot is so hot that stock is currently sold out on Amazon. You can however pick up new and pre-owned Instant Pots from eBay

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