Hybrid bikes have it all..

Hybrid bikes are not, as I thought, a freakish experiment to cross a bike with a plant. Neither are they like hybrid cars with electric engines (although you can get electric bikes too). Hybrid bikes are a cross between a racing bike and a mountain bike.

Hybrid bikes make good city bikes. They are durable but not as cumbersome as a full mountain bike. The wheels tend to be larger than those of conventional mountain bikes. You can bump up and down kerbs and dodge traffic without worrying about damage, then take the hybrid bike out into the countryside at the weekend and have some real fun!

Do you look good in lycra? Are you keen to get fit and save money on petrol? Or do you just fancy getting out there, quietly pedalling along enjoying the sights and sounds of the countryside up close?

Then you're in the right place.

At forward2me we've noticed a surge in hybrid bikes passing through the depot as people take advantage of our secure international shipping to get the latest model. The most popular retailers that our customers purchase from include Westbrook Cycles and Islabikes - why not have a look and see what they've got for you.

Mountain Biking

If you are a true mountain biker, you will probably want a 'proper' mountain bike. There are many types depending on whether you are a serious downhill biker, riding trails or cross country. Most mountain bikes have some form of suspension and very rugged tyres. If you want to ship a bike from the UK, then forward2me can help.

Racing Bikes

Speed lovers will hanker after the latest racing bike. Nothing beats sitting on the thinnest seat imaginable, pedalling as hard as you can, only glancing up every now and again to see more lurid lycra bobbing up and down a few feet ahead...

Racing bikes or road bikes are very lightweight with large, thin wheels and high gears. Everything is about streamlining, from lycra to the shape of the helmet. There are many to choose from, to suit all budgets and abilities.

Cycling Accessories

Whether you're a racer, mountain biker or a hybrid bike enthusiast, you'll need the right gear. Helmets are essential as are lights and high-visibility clothing if you are going to use the bike on the road. Water bottles and hydration systems make it easier to go the distance without having to lose your rhythm.

Family Cycling

Cycling is something that all the family can get into from an early age. Check out these child carriers, a tow along for older kids or even a trailer. If you need to drive somewhere first, you'll need a bike rack for the car.

The UK is having a cycling revolution in the wake of the British cycling team's Olympic successes. Cycling accessories and top quality bikes are available from UK suppliers and we can ship them to you using our tracked delivery service. Just look online at the latest bikes available.

Hybrid bikes are a practical choice - the best of both worlds - and there are some interesting hybrid bikes to choose from. Retro-styled hybrid bikes and even some designed to take luggage are available so you can cycle off into the sunset.