Huawei Unveil Folding Phone – The Mate X


It’s been another exciting few days in the world of smartphones. The 2019 Mobile World Congress took  place in Barcelona on Sunday 24 February and during the event, Huawei took the headlines as they unveiled the latest folding phone due to hit the market – the Mate X.

Here’s what we know about the phone so far…

Huawei’s latest phone – the Mate X – is its most technologically advanced yet.

The most striking and notable feature of the phone is its screen. The Mate X’s foldable screen has been placed on the outside of the device, so that it covers the front and rear of the phone when closed.

With a hinge along one side, the phone opens out into a virtually flat screen that measures 8 inches diagonally from corner to corner.  When folded, the phone’s screen is still a good size – at 6.6 inches.  Unfolded, the phone measures approximately 5.4 millimetres, meaning the folded thickness of the two halves of the screen measure in at 11 millimetres, making it still relatively slim.

The screen itself features organic light emitting diode (OLED) display, meaning great contrast and colour vibrancy.

Other features of the phone include a split screen mode designed to allow multitasking – meaning you’ll be able to write emails or message friends at the same time as browsing or watching a video.

The placement of the phone’s fingerprint recognition sensor is quite clever – being integrated into the power switch button, users will be able to securely open the device with just one touch.

A smartphone today wouldn’t be complete without great camera capability and the Mate X doesn’t disappoint. Set to feature a multi-lens Leica camera system integrated on both the front and back of the device, the phone is billed as having the same quality camera for taking selfies as in rear-facing mode.

Connectivity wise, the Mate X will feature a dual sim that will provide access that provides access to 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G network signals across the globe. And if you’re worried that 5G data consumption and two-screen display will drain battery life, there’s no need to panic. The phone is set to feature two batteries (one on each side) which can be charged to 85 per cent in just 30 minutes using the device's SuperCharge feature. 

But before you get too excited the Mate X is not yet available to purchase. The launch date for the device is expected around summer 2019.

There is also the (not so) small matter of the phone’s price - the Mate X will start at £1996, making it a premium product. However, with a few months to wait until you can get your hands on one, at least you have time to save up!

Huawei has previously limited the launch of its latest devices to only a few territories – with the UK being one of them. So when the launch of the Mate X comes, be sure to be one of the first to buy one by using forward2me’s parcel forwarding service!