How to go green with forward2me

When I was growing up, going green meant that the Incredible Hulk was on the telly! Nowadays, to go green can mean anything from recycling waste to reducing your carbon footprint, eating less meat or using public transport. None of those sound like much fun though, do they?

Here at forward2me, we've been researching some less onerous ways to go green. Gadgets, 'tech', simple things that can save you money to spend on having fun. Some of them might even save you time too. No hair shirts in sight...

Energy saving is one of the best ways to go green. Reduce your power consumption and you will also save money. With the digital age, I find that our home PC is pretty much on all the time - draining power and costing money. A nifty way to go green is to use an eco button for the PC. This puts the computer into eco mode at the touch of a USB-connected button. It will also tell you how much energy you've saved and will return you to where you left off when you press it again.

A power strip that will turn off all your hardware when you shut down is also handy. It'll save you all that grovelling about on the floor trying to unplug everything and remove the need to leave everything in standby mode, secretly sucking all the power away and costing you a fortune. You can use these for the TV and DVD players, printer, monitor and PC or anywhere you have a large number of gadgets plugged in.

Go green in your shower. Heating water and even producing clean water at source takes a huge amount of energy so anything that reduces this is good. A simple gadget to tell you how long you've been in there with a traffic light system can help you to painlessly reduce your water and energy consumption and save you yet more money.

Appliances. Fridges, freezers, hobs, dishwashers, washing machines...I know, not fun, but changing your old one for a leaner, greener model can save you lots of money in a year. Bosch make very green machines and you can use forward2me's door to door tracked service to bring you the latest in green technology. John Lewis and Argos have large selections.

More fun is the news that the latest Play Stations and other games consoles are much greener than they used to be, using 50% less energy. One article said that an old-style PS3 used the equivalent of running a 50" plasma screen. So come on, gamers, go green! Treat yourselves to the latest model and save energy and money.

Go green in the wardrobe. eBay is a great place to buy second-hand clothes and accessories. Up-cycling is also popular, turning second-hand furniture and clothing into beautiful and unique pieces - eco-friendly and stylish too.

Are we green? Here at forward2me, we recycle all our packaging material and have been reducing our energy consumption. I think we could do with a few of these gadgets too though!