How do you like your vintage? Straight classic or with a twist?

On Amazon, Ebay and Pinterest, from online shopping to social commerce, we're lovingly rediscovering vintage classics and upcycling, re-inventing, or reconditioning them.Like online retailers, at forward2me we get to know our customers through snapshots of how you have fun. That’s how we know you like your classics with a twist!

Aggregating your online shopping preferences gives us little insights into your hobbies, interests, tastes and entertainment. But where are you finding vintage classics online?

What’s your vintage?

A must for fashionistas, asos marketplace promotes stylish second hand clothing boutiques from the UK and Europe. Place your order using our UK parcel mailing address and benefit from our fast, reliable international shipping service. Alternatively try big name independents like rokit, BeyondRetro and  J’Adore Vintage. Wherever you are in the world, you need never miss out on the latest trends thanks to our market leading UK parcel forwarding service.

Under the hammer

From vintage powder compacts to classic watches, antique carpentry tools, car parts, crockery and Beatles pop memorabilia, eBay is our global flea market extraordinaire.

Place your bids and orders using our UK parcel forwarding address, and we’ll ship it to you quickly and safely wherever you are in the world.

eBay announced a 23% rise in revenue for the second quarter of 2012, following the launch of its mobile retailing apps, the success of its online department store and the growth of its payment gateway PayPal. It’s now seriously competing with for its share of the US online retail market.

Back to the future

Fast delivery is becoming the new battleground for online merchants. From Amazon Prime to the new eBay Now same day delivery service being trialled in San Francisco, fast, reliable shipping is replacing lowest cost as the deal breaker for online shoppers.

Vintage lovers are keeping a sharp eye on independent merchants setting up stall on, and eBay. Recently we’ve been seeing a lot of smaller retailers moving from eBay to Amazon, but thanks to eBay’s reversal of fortune, we’re expecting to see that trend slow down and start backtracking any day soon...