Hello, Malta! Check out our new budget forwarding option.

We're launching a new budget delivery service for Malta. If you want the speed and reliability of our UK parcel forwarding service without special extras like door-to-door tracking usually provided as standard, it's perfect for you!

In the beginning...

When our first customers joined us from Malta, our UK parcel forwarding service quickly became the market leader. Maltese retailers and smart shoppers alike signed up for our UK forwarding address and international shipping package, and together we built a thriving relationship on our fast, secure delivery service.

We're listening

Our mutual success attracted a lot of attention. When Lombard Bank bought Malta Post, they quickly introduced Send On, a cheap rival parcel forwarding service.

We've launched our new budget delivery option in direct response to your feedback regarding Send On. Despite mixed results with Send On, those of you who've tried their service tell us the lower cost can still be a deal breaker, compared to our faster, more reliable premium service.

Our budget service doesn't cut corners

Sign up for our budget UK parcel forwarding service to Malta, and you'll get our usual high level of service, without door-to-door parcel tracking. We'll forward your parcels quickly and safely, and we'll even take care of your ordering too!