Hello, and welcome to our shiny new blog

We hope this will become a fun and useful destination for expats, exiles and Anglophiles, as well as any overseas bargain-hunters wishing to get the best of the UK direct to their door.

In this blog we’ll be posting helpful tips, insight into some of the curious items we’ve shipped around the world, and consumer advice on some of the best bargains you can pick up from UK websites.

We’re more than just a parcel forwarding service – we’re a gateway to everything that’s great about the United Kingdom. Wherever in the world you live, you can shop UK brands from your own home, and we’ll make sure your packages get to you.[how?]

Whether you’re in Malta missing Marmite, or in Cyprus craving a cheap camera, we hope we can help.

Here we’ll deliver the information you need to really enjoy online shopping. There’s loads to tell you about, so watch this space!


The Forward2me team.