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Are you fighting fit? No? Me either...although I have been trying. Here in the UK there have been many health issues in the news recently. Jamie Oliver (a famous TV chef, if you haven't heard of him) crusades against the many ills of modern life - particularly school meals. His current attack is on the amount of sugar hidden in the western diet (no, not that kind of western - too much spaghetti) and the need to protect children from sugar. Alcohol is also in the firing line with the UK government issuing new guidelines. All cheery stuff. But what can you do to improve your own personal health?

Start with a good book. This year has seen the launch of many new healthy lifestyle books. There are some interesting ones out there. Have you heard of sirt foods? I hadn't until this morning but the sirt diet is the next great thing, apparently. Eating sirt foods can (allegedly) help your body to burn calories. Apples, strawberries, green tea, red wine and dark chocolate are all sirt foods. If you're interested, take a look on Amazon or in Waterstones online. The healthy eating sections also have books by the aforementioned Jamie Oliver who champions superfoods and a chap called Joe Wicks who has workouts and 15 minute meals that certainly seem to have worked for him anyway...*blushes*

Once you've bought the books and all the accompanying vegetables, you might want something to blitz them all up with. Nutribullets and the Nutriblast drinks they produce are a health craze - one that I've succumbed to myself. I recently bought a Nutribullet and I think it works really well and the smoothies are certainly smooth. Buy from a reputable source - there are fakes online so I would buy from either John Lewis, Currys or the Nutribullet website itself. Just use our super smooth international delivery service for a healthy start.

So that was diet. What about the other bit - the hard-work part otherwise known as exercise? I've read around and it seems that inflatable gym equipment is here to stay - exercise balls and chi balls in particular. Parkour is still popular and the mini-trampoline has been rebranded and will be coming to a gym near you as a 'rebounder'. If you fancy a bit of bouncing fun to keep fit, why not order your own and use our door-to-door tracked delivery. For the more traditional fitness folks, there's still running and cycling, indoor or out. Check out sports direct, Argos and fitness-superstore for the latest equipment.

Crikey - I nearly forgot to mention the tech. I'm slipping...Don't forget to track your every move using the latest fitness trackers. Check out the earlier forward2me blog to learn more.

Good luck!