Have you made a healthy start to 2015?


A healthy start to 2015 seems to have been a popular decision for many of our customers. Here at forward2me, we've seen plenty of sports equipment, clothing and even healthy food options being shipped using our door-to-door tracked service. Did you make any New Year's resolutions to get healthy too?

I did. We now have a cycling and cross-trainer combo and if my husband is right, an extra coat rack in the hallway. It didn't take long to arrive, and so far, so good. It hasn't made me any taller yet but I do feel a bit fitter already. There are some good offers out there on fitness equipment so if you need something to help you keep your resolutions, take a look at Amazon and Fitness Superstore for deals.

I also treated myself to some lycra last year, then promptly broke my wrist at the gym... Hopefully you'll have more luck than me! Looking sporty sometimes makes me feel a bit fitter; it puts me in the mood for exercise (a very rare occurrence, trust me). Some of the latest sportswear available is very high tech. Allegedly it breathes for you, dries you...Not long until it gets you up, puts itself on and jogs you down the stairs, still slumbering. For some attractive and practical sportswear, take a look at the ranges from M&M direct and the delightfully named sweatybetty. M&S has also launched a new range of sportswear this year too.

What you put on your feet is also vital to help you go faster and look cooler. My trainers have been used for decorating, dog walking etc. so as you can imagine they fulfil neither of the functions mentioned previously. Slow and messy, that's me, especially at the gym. If you want to appear cool, calm and collected, check out the latest styles from Nike and Adidas at sportsshoes.com or JDSports.

Apparently, you are what you eat. At forward2me, we can deliver healthy options using our fast international shipping. Waitrose have a good range, as do Asda. Sainsburys also have healthy options. We can ship almost anything as long as it's not fresh or restricted in your country of residence.

If I go on Facebook, my friends have often left squiggly maps showing their latest walks, cycles and jogs, the distance, time and all sorts of other information collected and dispersed by their wearable tech. Being the proud owner of a new coat rack cross-trainer, I too am interested in the joys of wearable tech and have been looking at the options available. I'm not sure what kind of squiggles it would make of me in the hallway! The Nike sports band is popular but the Fitbit from Argos is also good value.

Music helps too - a good set of headphones or a sonos system so you can choose the best beats for a workout takes the hard work out of getting fit. I found some bhangra fitness music the other morning. Next stop Bollywood!