Happy New Year from forward2me


Happy New Year! Have you got your lump of coal, a suitable beverage and a tall, dark, handsome stranger lined up to pop in once the bells chime midnight? Then put your first-foot forward ready for Hogmanay! If that all sounds a bit quaint and Scottish and all you want to do is snuggle up and watch some fireworks on the telly, that's just fine. You might need your energy for the sales or all those extremely energetic New Year's resolutions you've made...

We're still very busy here at forward2me. The Christmas rush has calmed a little but many of you are spending your Christmas money on exciting new stuff in the sales. Don't forget to use forward2me's UK parcel forwarding service if you're shopping online.

Party Time

Are you out celebrating this New Year or having a late Christmas party? Check out asos for some glad rags and bargains. Is everyone coming round for a party? You might need a few extras to keep everyone happy. Marks and Spencer's, John Lewis or Argos all have some fabulous things for entertaining whether you need extra chairs or a fancy dress costume!

New Year's Resolutions

• Get fit

Is one of your New Year's resolutions to get fitter? We can ship exercise or road bikes (if you like the real thing) and Nike Fuel bands that will track your every move. If your idea of sport is on your own terms, treat yourself to a Wii - there are lots of great exercise and dance games to get you moving in the comfort of your own home...

• Eat healthily

Have you resolved to eat more healthily or do more home cooking in the New Year? Have a look at these healthy eating cook books or the latest kitchen gadgets to help you.

• Have more fun

Going to have more fun in the New Year? You could start a new hobby - check out this craft website if you're feeling creative. Want to read more or learn something new every day? Treat yourself to an ereader. Listen to more music with an iPod or an MP3 player. Why not learn to fly a kite or explore the great outdoors...

• Spend time with the kids

You could bake together or play games, watch family DVDs or play a new sport that everyone can join in with.

• Economise

Shop on eBay or online for bargains and use forward2me. Don't forget to contact our customer services department if you have trouble using your international credit card.

Well all the best for the New Year, no matter which resolutions you make and how long you stick to them! Just make sure that one of the resolutions you keep is to use forward2me for your UK mailing address.