Halloween with forward2me


With Halloween just around the corner, things are getting spooky around here... People are going bats for Halloween decorations and we're seeing witches' costumes literally flying out, broomsticks and all!

Personally, I love Halloween. It marks the start of all the winter festivities and as an excuse to dress up, eat sweets and cakes, what's not to like? Here in the UK, companies sell a lot of Halloween items that you might not have come across. Terracotta pumpkins are all the rage this year - great if you can't get hold of the real thing where you live or if you can't be bothered with all that scooping and pumpkin pie... We can ship them using our spooktacularly fast and efficient international delivery service in time for Halloween.

Are you having a Halloween party? Have you thought about decorations or even themed cakes? Check out lights4fun for bunting, lights and accessories. Partypieces have a range of Halloween themed decorations too. Cupcake stencils and decorations are available from Cakecraft - they also do hauntingly good chocolate moulds muwahhhahhhhahhha...

If you are still stuck for inspiration, Asda's Halloween range is incredible and we're shipping it out fiendishly fast using our door-to-door tracked service. The inflatable wings look impressive - make sure that there's enough room before you take flight!

Gone are the days of home-made Halloween costumes (thank goodness...my Mum made me a tomato costume out of an old skirt and some cushions one year. Why??? Haunted chip shop? Greasy spoon ghoul? Her own amusement, I suspect). Nowadays you can be ghoulish and glamorous at the same time. eBay is good for Halloween costumes and Partydelights has a range of sexy costumes if you're in the mood for a little light devilry...

For treats without tricks this Halloween, why not get the autumn vibe and tuck up with some new cosy throws, a dressing gown and some DVD boxed sets? It might be Halloween, but if you're too cool to ghoul, take a look at some of the latest autumn fashions online from places like net-a-porter. There are sales on too. Don't forget to use our customer service department if you have any questions or your international credit card isn't accepted by UK retailers.

Muwahhhahhhahhhha...I enjoyed that, can you tell?

Happy Halloween!