Halloween Shopping Guide 2022

WICKEDLY GOOD TREATS for your Halloween 2022 Shopping 

Spooky season is upon us and all Halloween lovers have long been in the process of meticulously planning their costumes, turning their lawns into graveyards, and making sure there’s a pumpkin or a spiderweb in every nook and cranny. While for many people Christmas is the time to shop for gifts and put up decorations, Halloween and the weeks leading up to it present a ton of fun and exciting shopping opportunities. 

From fun costumes for adults and kids to ghostly decorations and quirky gifts, there are plenty of choices when shopping internationally for a fang-tastic Halloween.


We’re all basic witches this year.

The release of Hocus Pocus 2 just in time for Halloween season opened the ‘90s nostalgia floodgates and even those heathens who don’t watch the original movie at least twice every October were suddenly into all things witchy. 

It’s no surprise that the biggest trend in 2022 Halloween costumes is the witch aesthetic. Even if you don’t dress up as one of the Sanderson sisters, you can’t go wrong picking anything from the coven closet.

Other big inspirations for costumes are video game and anime franchises. Our parcel forwarding service lets you shop for unique costumes from Japanese stores like Rakuten and Mandarake as well as different Amazon sites like Amazon.de and Amazon.co.uk.  

Horror Nurse Halloween Costume for Women

What's scarier than a syringe-wielding nurse? Let's try one with a knife in the other hand and a bloodied uniform. The stuff of nighmares. 

Boy Halloween Ninja Costume

Ninjas are always cool and this kids' costume impresses with details for an authentic look - perfect for trick-or-treating or just dress-up play. 

Witch Zombie Devil Clown Girl Halloween Costume

What do you want to be this Halloween? A witch, a clown, or a zombie? How about all three with this cosplay dress and accessories. 

HALLOWEEN decorations

‘90s nostalgia is big this Halloween season.

Few things come back harder than a ‘90s trend, and vintage Halloween decor is all the buzz this year. Whether it’s glass decorations inspired by the ‘70s or old-school decor ‘90s style, we’re going back to basics. If you decide to buy actual vintage decorations, you can check out websites like the Japanese Mercari store for pre-owned items or explore the German and UK eBay offerings. 

As with the costumes, the Hocus Pocus trend is dominating Halloween decor, too. Prop up a book of spells, set up your cauldron, and don’t forget the brooms. You can even find black cat costumes for your pets to turn them into Thackery Binx. 

A Halloween decor staple, skulls and bones are also in this year but forget your standard human skeletons and opt for animal-bony structures instead. Crows, bats, rats, snakes, and even the creepy-crawlies that don’t even have skeletons per se, are in this Halloween. In fact, you can even decorate with the skeletons of mythological supernatural creatures like wendigos, mermaids, or even animatronic werewolves.

 Handmade Funny & Spooky Vintage Halloween Bottles

Vintage decor is in this Halloween and this set of eight handmade labels will help you keep your potions ingredients organized. 

Halloween Decoration Magic Spooky Mirror

Give trick-or-treaters the fright of their lives with this talking mirror that comes alive when you stand in front of it with a scary face and a scarier voice. 

Eambrite Small Black Glitter Halloween Tree Light with 24 Orange LEDs

An eerie glowing tree with bare black branches is the centerpiece any Halloween decor needs. Decorate it for that extra spook. 


Like Christmas. But darker and scarier.

Christmas may be typically the season of giving but Halloween is a great time to surprise friends and family with ghastly treats. In addition to the popular candy bags, spooky season is the perfect time to treat yourself and your loved ones to typical gifts, including jewelry, clothes, home decor, toys, board games, books, movies memorabilia, and more inspired by Halloween. 

From personalized mini pumpkins to witch and ghost cups and signs to advent cabinets of curiosities - there’s a quirky or stylish Halloween gift for all your favorite basic witches, ghouls, and boys. If you’d like to buy a personalized Halloween gift, one of the best places to explore is Etsy. Although some sellers ship only to select countries, using our free shipping address in Europe and Japan will help you expand your Halloween shopping possibilities. 

Black cat Halloween costume for pets

 Work some magic with this cute costume and turn your feline or small canine friend into your own black cat familiar. 

Personalised pumpkin - hand-painted calligraphy mini pumpkins Halloween gift

Get into the Halloween spirit with personalized mini pumpkins spelling names or messages in beautiful hand-painted calligraphy.  

Halloween Spooky Cat Glass Tumbler

Elegant and mysterious, this tumbler is made from mouthblown glass and creates a spooky 3D effect of a cat against a glistening golden moon.

HALLOWEEN books, movies & collectibles

The best Halloween-themed releases. 

There are so many books and movies that have become synonymous with Halloween and are the inspiration for costumes and decorations every year: from Hocus Pocus, which is everywhere this season, to The Addams Family, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Friday the 13th, and so many more. 

Halloween is the time to shop for all kinds of memorabilia and merchandise from your favorite scary books and movies, whether you get a Sanderson sister Funko POP! figurine or your own customized book of spells. You might also be interested in exploring vintage toys and rare limited Halloween collectibles or shopping the latest releases such as the Pokémon’s 2022 Halloween collection

Use our free UK, German, and Japanese addresses to shop your favorite Halloween items from international stores and have them delivered to your spider-web-decorated doorstep. 

The Purge LED Mask & Gloves

This light-up mask and glow-in-the-dark gloves set is great for a Purge cosplay and definitely won't go unnoticed during trick-or-treating. 

Tokyo Disneyland Mini Snack Case Mickey and Ghost/Haunted Mansion 2019

A very special addition to any Disney fan's collection, this 2019 Haunted Mansion buggy is perfect for stashing some Halloween candy. 

Hocus Pocus Book

Got some spells to write down? The leather-bound Hocus Pocus book will keep all your secrets so that they're always handy for your witchery acts. 

Explore All the Amazon Halloween Shopping Opportunities 

Halloween and the month of Spooktober are the perfect occasions to change up your home decor, enjoy dressing up, treat yourself to a geeky gift, and surprise your loved ones. Amazon stores offer all kinds of costumes for kids and adults, as well as fall and spooky decorations, and, thanks to our efficient parcel forwarding service, you can shop for unique offerings at its UK, German, and Japanese stores. 

Don’t forget you can take advantage of our 30-day free storage and Combine and Repack option to have all your spooky parcels delivered in one terrifyingly good package. 

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