Google's Nexus 4 - we'll put the future in your pocket

We're desperate to get our hands on Google's Nexus 4 Smartphone, but it's selling out everywhere and due to exclusivity deals with mobile operators and outlets, affordable deals are proving  tough to find!

How to buy your Nexus 4

Nexus 4 Smartphone orders are queuing in our Personal Shopper service, while the phones sell out immediately new stock is released on the Google Play store. At the time of writing, the store was advertising a 5 week wait for new orders!

Luckily, our Personal Shopper customers have not had to wait so long and we're expecting Google's queues to shrink very soon.

Let our Personal Shopper service do the waiting for you. Log in to register your Personal Shopper requests. Alternatively, order online from Google Play using our UK parcel forwarding service and save on secure international shipping.

 Beware of the sharks...

Exclusivity deals with mobile operators and retailers mean it's hard to get Nexus 4 outside Google Play for anything like a competitive price.

If you are lucky enough to get a good deal through an online re-seller, make up the saving by ordering with our UK forwarding address, and we'll ship your Nexus 4 to you quickly and safely, wherever you are in the world.

The future in your pocket

There's more to Nexus 4 than the Google Play's generous raft of free apps and seamless integration with Android platforms like Gmail, Maps, Google Chrome and Google Drive...

Although Apple's iPhones are still smartphone market royalty, their iTunes and App Store lockdown is proving an Achilles heel.

Meanwhile, Google's Android platform has been stealthily winning the operating system wars. This means Android in new digital devices is out-selling Blackberrys and iPhone iOS even if you toss all the iPods and iPads into the mix!

For those with an eye to the future, Google's number 2 global business aim, mobile money, will soon be enabled via Smartphones like the Nexus 4 and is widely predicted to overtake even Visa for global and local finance management within the next few years.

Android is the platform of the future. Order a smart new Nexus 4 and put that future in your pocket!