Go large with forward2me!

 Wherever we go these days we are generally asked if we want to go large - generally in coffee chains and food outlets.

Well you really can go large with forward2me and lots of you do.

Shipping large items is our forte. We don't worry about weight - we're not the Post Office - we ship by size so if you want to send a pile of rocks or a grand piano, we're the company to use.

Big is beautiful. If you're renovating a house we can ship bespoke architectural supplies - maybe you need a railing or a balustrade, that marble counter top you've been searching for or some original artwork from Art Finder?

Kitchen equipment is something we see a lot here at forward2me - from catering-sized ovens to white goods. We have shipped fridges, freezers, washing machines and even wine coolers so if you are a connoisseur, you can keep your tipple at just the right temperature. Those large, 2-door larder fridges are very popular, we've shipped dozens. Just check that the white goods you buy in the UK are suitable for your country of residence. How about a range cooker or that quintessentially British feature, the AGA? Maybe a set of heavy pans or an induction hob would suit you if you're more 'minimalist' than 'country kitchen' in style.

Bathrooms are often forgotten about. Luxuriating in large roll-top bath is a fantasy may people share. Currently, there are some beautiful designs out there - take a look at Bathroom City or the Cast Iron Bath Company. A walk-in shower is a practical addition to the home, especially if you have a muddy dog to wash or mucky children to hose down! We can ship bespoke tiles, mirrors, flooring...don't forget to add the heated towel rail to your order.

Children's play equipment can be hard to come by, especially if you want something that adheres to British safety standards. We can ship slides, swings, trampolines - even an entire play system that will keep even the most adventurous kids happy.

Whilst the kids are playing, put your feet up on a lovely sun lounger or even inhabit a trendy garden gazebo with cushions, or a space-age pod with cocktail cabinet. Barbeque your evening away or make pizzas outdoors - we can ship all the garden accoutrements you can think of using our door-to-door tracked delivery service.

And when the evening comes, relax on a settee in front of a large screen television. Take a look at John Lewis for furnishings and televisions, pretty much everything you'll need actually.

Oh - nearly forgot - If you're in business we can also take care of your office furniture, printers and shredders and look after your consumer returns using our Returns Management service.

...and ship those car parts, like bumpers and panels that you're struggling to get hold of...

So any time you're larging it up, think of forward2me and we'll deal with your request with largesse!