Global Christmas Traditions


Worldwide, there are many different Christmas traditions. According to the Telegraph, some of the weirdest include the Catalan tradition of sharing the Christmas table with a log that is fed with sweets which it then excretes...Makes our Yule log seem very well behaved, at least it doesn't do that on the table! In Austria, children are terrified by Christmas devils called Krampus. Even the Japanese have begun Christmas traditions including Christmas cake (sponge with cream and strawberries). Leave shoes outside your door on the 6th of December and St Nikolaus will fill them with sweets and presents in Germany (or leave you a stick if you've been naughty). Christmas is celebrated more on the 24th than the 25th in many countries so don't be caught out.

Speaking of weird and wonderful Christmas traditions, how does chopping down a tree, bringing it inside the house, decorating it and then waiting for a complete stranger to break in and leave lots of presents sound? Add to that the mad Christmas lights, people swimming in the sea, putting money inside a pudding and generally eating and drinking more than is physically possible, you could only be talking about the UK. Our Christmas traditions take some beating. If you'd like to celebrate in our good old fashioned style, have you got everything you need?

Here at forward2me, people have already been ordering their Christmas decorations. Christmas trees are essential and real ones are all but impossible to come by in some countries so artificial ones are the answer. John Lewis have a really good selection. Argos also have some very reasonably priced trees. If you miss the scent of a real tree, Jo Malone has a luxury pine and eucalyptus candle to give the festive season the Christmassy smell we all love. Don't forget the lights...

Decorations are a must. For a homemade, arty look try Etsy or Notonthehighstreet. Designer decorations from Heals or a set of British decorations from Go British will make any tree look amazing. Crackers are a favourite Christmas tradition. forward2me are now able to ship them using our door-to-door tracked service, so choose your favourites. Harrods stock some absolute crackers (sorry, couldn't resist) and there are plenty to choose from at M&S. Simple, elegant crackers from the White Company are just a bit different. Check with our customer services department for more information.

If you're in the USA, Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the pumpkin pie...You'll probably need the sustenance if you're going to attack the shops on Black Friday, the traditional start of Christmas shopping in the US. Actually, why not rest your feet and buy some interesting items from the UK for your family and friends? Bring a few of our Christmas traditions across the water using forward2me's fast international delivery service. We're quicker than Santa...with bells on!