Getting sporty this summer


If you’re lucky enough to live in a country where you get long periods of good weather over the summer months, this time of year is probably when you’re at your most active.

Whether being active involves you participating in a team sport, training and taking part in organised events, joining a group or simply getting out and about in the fresh air, you may want to purchase some new kit to help you on the way.

Here we look at some of the most commonly enjoyed summer sports and what you might want to purchase.


If you’ve been stuck indoors for most of the winter, the warm weather can often inspire you to get out and go for a run! Running is great as you can do it alone and at the drop of a hat, and you don’t need much equipment. It is, however, important to have supportive and comfortable running shoes that are suited to the environment you’ll be running in. Wiggle has an excellent range of running trainers for all terrains, including track and field, off-road and racing.

The summer months are often the time when races or organised charity runs take place. If you’re training for such an event, you will need to invest in some good quality running essentials. As well as shoes, clothing that has wicking technology are a must, and accessories such as iPhone carriers and running headphones, are also popular.  All of these can be purchased affordably at retailers such as Sports Direct.


If the arrival of summer means heading to the mountains, you’ll want to ensure you are equipped before you set out. A decent pair of hiking boots is of course essential, and if you need a new pair, head over to Blacks for a good selection.

Other accessories you might want include a decent lightweight backpack, clothing for changeable conditions and if you’re heading for uneven terrain, a stick or walking pole. All of these can be found readily at a number of retailers, but try Simply Hike and Go Outdoors as a starting point.

If you have a tendency for going ‘off route’, you might be wise to invest in a good GPS. Decathlon has an excellent range.


With two of the year’s grand slam events taking place in early summer in the form of the Paris Open and Wimbledon, tennis fever usually starts to strike around June. If you aspire to serve like Djokovic you’ll need to invest in a new racket. For this, Decathlon has a good range available for all abilities and budgets.  If looking the part is all-important, head over to Tennis Planet for women’s tennis clothing or Tennis Point for men’s tennis clothing.


Triathlons have never been more popular and luckily, as the sport has grown, so too has the available supply of clothing and equipment. Taking part in a triathlon requires relatively more gear than the other sports we’ve covered and in some cases, it is beneficial to purchase specialised triathlon wear and equipment over the standardly available alternatives. Check out specialist triathlon retailer The Triathlon Shop for inspiration.

Once you’ve browsed and found the perfect new gear to help you enjoy a summer of sport, you can head over to forward2me for a shipping quote. forward2me’s parcel forwarding service allows you to purchase from any UK website that offers UK delivery.