Getting fit and healthy this January


For many of us who over-indulged in December and over Christmas, January is the time to think about a new fitness regime or weight loss programme.

Although many of us may start the month with good intentions, it can be easy to slip into old ways.

We’ve scoured the internet for some of the best purchases to help you start – and maintain – your New Year’s health kick not only throughout January but also beyond into the rest of the year.

Our pick of healthy cook books

A renowned Michelin-starred chef in the UK, Tom Kerridge knows a thing or two about creating delicious dishes. In his new book – Lose Weight for Good – Tom has put together a collection of tasty and satisfying recipes that people will love to cook and eat, but that will also help them lose weight for good. Tom himself has been on a personal weight loss journey over the past 4 years, having lost 12 stone. In this book, her shares easy to follow, reduced calorie dishes that pack a flavourful punch that’s so good, you won’t need to revert back to your old ways!

Our pick of home exercise equipment

Any personal trainer will tell you that a strong core forms the basis for a fit and toned body. One device that can be easily used at home to help you work towards the abs you’ve always dreamed of is the Wondercore Smart. This compact, easy to fold away device facilitates several core exercises with added resistance, providing a targeted workout for your abdominal muscles. With an accompanying DVD, the Wondercore Smart has options for all fitness levels and abilities.

Our pick of healthy kitchen appliances

Resisting the temptation of unhealthy food is often the downfall of many a healthy eating regime. But what if you could have deep fried foods such as chips without the guilt? Low fat ‘air fryers’ first came on the market a few years ago. Enabling you to cook with only a tablespoon of oil, air fryers were a revolutionary idea. However, they tended to be quite slow. Over the past year, a number of new models have come to the market that boast much quicker frying times and larger capacities. Models such as this Tefal Actifry Express allow you to make a basket of chips in under 30 minutes using little or no oil.

Our pick of smart fitness devices

Fitbit has been at the forefront of fitness monitoring devices over the past few years and in October 2017, they launched their Ionic Smartwatch.  The Ionic has a range of health and fitness features including on-screen coaching and continuous heart rate monitoring, water resistance up to 50 metres and GPS tracking. Coming in three colour options, and with multiple clock faces and interchangeable bands, this is a great alternative to the Apple Watch that will really encourage and motivate you to stick to your fitness goals.

Our pick of office fitness equipment

Many of us lose pace with our New Year fitness plans because we struggle to find the motivation to get to the gym. But what if you could increase your activity levels whilst you were at work? Fitness equipment doesn’t have to be big or clever – sometimes the smallest of things can make a big difference. We love this stability cushion – perfect for discreetly placing on your office chair at work and giving you a core workout throughout your day.