Get Your Home Ready for Christmas


Do you need to get your home ready for Christmas? Probably, if you're anything like me... I've just found someone else's Christmas presents from last year under our settee! If the in-laws are descending, they might want to sit down without sticking to the chairs. Santa would be appalled!

Here at forward2me, we've been thinking about ways to get your home ready for Christmas. A few new purchases can brighten up a room, hide those stains or stop the mother-in-law from adhering to the chair...

Soft Furnishings

Is your carpet the worse for wear? A rug or two can make a huge difference to a room. Check out these designs from rugswarehouse. There's something for everyone, modern or traditional. For something original and stylish, try the Designers Guild. Not on the High Street also has a mixture of hand-made and unusual items, especially some cheery children's rugs that would make good Christmas presents too.

My husband hates cushions so I keep buying them... Use these luxurious and inspiring designs from Heal's to get your home ready for Christmas. BHS are great for a cheap and cheerful range with plenty to choose from. You can even customise your own with zazzle. Don't forget to use forward2me's secure international shipping for all your goods.

Throws can instantly warm up a room and create a cosy ambiance for Santa's arrival. John Lewis have many to choose from whether you're covering an old settee or making up a guest bed.

How have I got this far in without mentioning IKEA? The one-stop-shop for everything - you can re-vamp a whole room in time for Christmas without breaking the bank. They have matching ranges and cheap, colourful accessories.

So the living room is ready for Christmas, all cosy, and you've snuggled up to watch something. Are you still using binoculars to watch a tiny TV? Do your kids watch stuff at their friends' houses? Ask Santa for a new one so that you can watch the latest films in style this year. We can ship it out using our door-to-door tracked service. Just check with our customer services department and make sure your electricals are compatible with your country of residence before ordering.

Kitchen and Dining Room

Trying to get your home ready for Christmas entertaining without the kitchen and dining room is like holding a concert without a venue. If your wedding crockery is chipped, battered or discontinued, maybe it's time to treat yourself to a new set from Harrods (if you're feeling posh). Dunelm Mill is good for practicality if you're feeding the five thousand. House of Fraser have a comprehensive range of Christmas tableware too.

I know a few people who've already stirred up the Christmas cake. Are you on with the Christmas baking? Will your old kitchen equipment be up to the task or will you need some new help in the kitchen? A big, shiny new mixer like these from John Lewis would make the cooking a pleasure rather than a chore. My baking sheets have gone for a Burton, they're stickier than the kitchen chairs...Silicon is the answer. Try Lakeland for an excellent range of kitchenware to help feed the hungry hordes.

All set? Good. Just don't forget to use forward2me to get your home ready for Christmas. We can ship everything - even the Christmas tree!