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Nike are one of the biggest global brands. Here at forward2me, we've been shipping Nike trainers like hot cakes each time a new style is released. We asked a few questions to one of our main Nike customers and thought you might be interested to know more.

Nike Air Jordan are one of the most popular shoes in the world. Each month, Nike releases a couple of new designs into the US stores and as our man in the know put it, they fly off the shelves. What he knows, and now you know too, is that they are released a couple of days earlier here in the UK. We're also a bit more laid back about our Nike trainers here so we don't immediately rush out to buy them, so there tend to be a few more available. Numbers are limited though. We see our customers buying them direct from Footlocker and

There are 29 models of Nike Air Jordan and they all come in different colours. If you want to know which styles are in and when the release dates are, take a look at the Nike website for more information. The Air Jordan 4 'Retro Legend Blue' came out on Saturday and I'm no expert, but they look pretty cool. A couple more styles are due out in February, watch this space!

If you live abroad and want to be the coolest kid on the block, check out the release dates and order yourself a pair then let forward2me do the rest. We'll use our door-to-door tracked delivery to ensure you get the latest styles as quickly as possible.

If designer sportswear is your thing, you might be interested in these alternatives to Nike. Harvey Nichols stock a range of top end trainers from the likes of Jimmy Choo, Rick Owens and Paul Smith. You might not want to wear them to do sport in though, and the gold ones are definitely more rock star than star of track and field!

An interesting website is fabletics, worth a look if you want something affordable but personalised. I didn't dare try it out (my statistics are more about vittles than vital) but if you are sporty and want something different, it could be worth a look. Just throw on a pair of Nike trainers to complete the effect!