Fulfilment by Amazon UK cold-shoulders European retailers

If you sell your products through Amazon UK but are based in continental Europe, Fulfilment by Amazon sounds like your dream come true. Whether you are store-based or an online distance seller, Fulfilment by Amazon promises to store, pick, pack and ship your products to the UK and mainland Europe. It also claims to provide customer service support, including returns and refunds, inventory logistics on demand, stock scaling, access to its marketplaces in the UK and across Europe, Amazon Webstore, Checkout by Amazon, and Super Saver Shipping and Amazon Prime shipping deals for your customers.

Is Amazon delivering on its promises?

Well... yes, but.

Our online retail customers are telling us that while Amazon Services say they can “handle practically any inventory requirement”, there’s one major flaw in the contract that businesses only discover once they have signed up and sent stock.

Where’s my stuff?!!

If you want your unsold stock returned from Amazon's UK fulfilment centres, Amazon won’t ship it outside Britain. Your stock is stuck in the fulfilment centre until it is sold on to customers, or... Doomsday dawns!

Trust us to deliver...

Luckily, our customers know they can rely on our UK parcel forwarding service and fast, secure international shipping to fill the serious gap in service provision created by Fulfilment by Amazon UK.

Our customers simply request that Amazon deliver their unsold stock to our UK forwarding address, confident that we will deliver quickly and safely, worldwide. Our customers are free to do what they do best - run their retail businesses - with none of the disruption to stock management forced on them by Fulfilment by Amazon UK.