Fossil shows its watches are far from extinct


Fossil is not only one of the most stylish brands of watches you can get your hands on, but it also owns other brands such as Emporio Armani, Kate Spade, Michael Kors and Diesel. The most exciting news to hit the gadget grapevine in the last few weeks is that the Fossil Group is bringing out 40 all new hybrid watches across its designer brands.

The Smartwatch

The idea of the smartwatch is something that widely appealed when it first launched, but due to the bulky designs, the short battery life and the lack of style that a lot of smartwatches come with has meant that the smartwatch market has been in decline. However, the hybrid smartwatch could be just what is needed to bridge the gap between the traditional watch and all the fun features of the smartwatch that make them so useful – especially as they won’t be obsolete in a year or two.

Hybrid Watches

Hybrid smartwatches are something of a revelation as far as wristwear is concerned. With a traditional watch face, and the styling that you would expect from some of the best designer brands. Each of Fossil’s brands has been given the task of designing its own watch that has been tailored to what the brand’s customers want in a hybrid smartwatch. Each of Fossil’s brands took the time to question its customers to make sure they produced something that their clients wanted, not simply an experiment with smart technology.

This means that each smartwatch is going to be unique to the brand that produces it. Armani’s customers, for example, reported that the most appealing feature to them was having a second time zone, so Armani are including a customisable sub-dial on their watch.

Kate Spade, on the other hand, has designed a hybrid smartwatch that includes a countdown feature. Small champagne glasses on the clock face can be used to track the approach of a party or event from your best friend’s wedding to the due date of a baby.

Fossil Features

Besides these unique little touches that each of the brands bring to the hybrid smartwatch, there will also be a set of standard features that each hybrid has in common. These include step tracking, smartphone notifications, and music playback.

To combat the short life span problem that smartwatches currently have, these hybrid watches are powered by coin-cell batteries that will need replacing once every six months instead of have to be charged every night – or sometimes even more often.

Each of the hybrid smartwatches comes with its own app that has been designed to access features on the watch so you don’t just have a generic fossil group app that limits the features you can access.

There is a downside to the hybrid smartwatches though. You are getting style but sacrifice the depth of information you can access on your wrist. You will be able to see that you have notifications but not exactly what those notifications are. One a smartwatch you can see, for example, who has emailed you and even take a cursory glance over the email – with a hybrid smartwatch that isn’t possible.

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