forward2me - truly global Santas for your kids!

The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come...?

When you live overseas, negotiating the latest British trends and chancing children’s fickle tastes in toys and entertainment is pretty daunting.

If only Santa would materialise with his ready-wrapped solutions at our doors...

Steal a march on Santa

Help is at hand – forward2me have the top “baker’s dozen” toys for Christmas 2012, hand-picked by the Toy Retailers’ Association. The TRA watch children’s taste-makers on TV and film, as well as the wider cultural trends that are making re-vamped retro toys, such as LEGO, Spiderman and Cabbage Patch, so popular.

Together with their pint-size market research partners they have drawn up the ultimate fail-proof gift list. Santa himself can’t beat it!

Say “boo!” to Christmas chaos

If you need Christmas presents for whole families, teenagers, kidults, adolescents or pre-schoolers, there’s a perfect solution for you. Whether you’d prefer to give plain fun or educational toys, board games, creative, interactive puzzles and tech innovations, there’s an excellent shortlist to choose from.

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...Or chill out - and use our direct line to Lapland

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