forward2me solves Japanese storage crisis!

Every now and again at forward2me, we receive an order that raises an eyebrow, a chuckle or just plain baffles us...

One of our customers is using our secure international shipping to solve a storage crisis in Japan. A dozen, shiny new storage lockers are being sent around the world. There is probably a simple explanation – a new gym being set up, a school that needs some secure storage or a workplace that needs somewhere for workers’ belongings. It could be a new trend in stylish Japanese living, who knows?

Or perhaps they don’t have lockers in Japan and British lockers are far superior? My own, personal theory is that they will be stacked and used as the world’s most compact ‘kapusera hotera’ or ‘capsule hotel’ for tired commuters!

So if you have any unusual items that you need, no matter how big or small, don’t forget to use forward2me’s door to door tracked delivery service; whether it’s a locker or some luxury furniture, we’ll get it where you need it to be.