Forward2me parcel depots see astronomic rise in telescope sales

© p_a_h 

Forward2me parcel deliveries have seen a surge in the number of telescopes and stargazing equipment in the last month. Has the ‘Brian Cox-Effect’ spread overseas?

Forward2me has noticed a rise in the number of telescopes and stargazing equipment being shipped overseas, prompting us to ask how astronomy became the ‘next best thing’ of the international e-retail market.

In recent weeks we’ve shipped items including telescopes, astronomy binoculars and sky watcher lenses to destinations across the world and it’s got us thinking about the sudden appeal of astronomy.

Interestingly, our announcement follows a recent sales statement by e-retail giant Amazon, revealing a 500% jump in sales of astronomical equipment.

It has been widely suggested in the press that this sales boost is the result of Britain turning on to watch Stargazing Live with Professor Brian Cox, the BBC’s resident astronomy expert, calling this phenomenon the ‘Brian Cox-Effect’.

But it seems it’s not only British audiences who are tuning in. Forward2me customers live all over the world meaning viewers could be expats, anglophiles, or those who just love British television.