forward2me on the BIBAs shortlist


We're feeling pretty chuffed here at forward2me because we've been shortlisted for a BIBA. I know.. I know... 'What's a BIBA when it's at home?' you're all asking. Absolutely nothing to do with Justin Bieber at all, that's for sure. It's an important local business award run by the North and Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce and we're delighted to have been shortlisted in the New Business of the Year category.

The BIBAs are a Lancashire-based business award with over 1200 applicants each year. Just making the shortlist is pretty impressive but now we have to gird our loins (so to speak) and make it through the interview stage. It's the only award that pits micro businesses against PLCs - anyone can enter and it's fiercely competitive.

So will it be BIBA Las Vegas? BIBA La Vida? Nope - it's BIBA Blackpool! A much more glamorous and prestigious event location. The awards evening is attended by hundreds of Lancashire's best businesses and is where the award of Lancastrian of the Year is presented. All we have to do now is get through the next stages.

What does it mean for forward2me?

There are 17 different categories, each one judged by a different panel of judges using a set of criteria developed by Lancaster Universities' business school (How scary? VERY!) so we'll have to be at our very best. We're through to the next round in the Best New Business category. We've had to give details about the business - not just financial information, but our values, ethics, green credentials and more.

What will we win? If we do well, we'll receive a trophy and get to go to the ceremony. Un-gird the loins and find those glad rags... It looks like a fantastic party.

If you want to know more about the BIBAs, have a look on twitter or on the BIBA website. We all know that we couldn't have made the shortlist without you, our customers, so thank you all very much and please keep your fingers crossed!