Forward2me delivers white weddings to the world

Spring is here and wedding bells are ringing as Forward2me sees sales in bridal dresses rise 20%.


The Forward2me depot has been filled with the sound of wedding bells this month. Bridal and bridesmaid dresses, gifts and party decorations: the whole caboodle has been flown all over Europe and as far out as Australia, courtesy of Forward2me.

Deliveries of wedding items have risen 20% in the last two months as people plan for their Spring celebrations. Forward2me hopes that everyone planning a wedding this season has a darned good time.

It’s nice to see that people all over the world are turning to Britain to kit out their weddings because they have faith in the quality of our goods.

Forward2me allows international shoppers to set up their own UK delivery address so they can buy from UK retailers and be confident that their packages will be checked and forwarded with a guaranteed, cost-effective service.

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