Fifty shades of fun (adults only)

The Fifty Shades series by E.L. James is making serious waves on and offline, not least in market-leading online retail depots such as Amazon UK and UK retail parcel forwarding services like forward2me. Record purchases of the Fifty Shades books have also caused a serious hike in demand for other related products...

Not only has the Fifty Shades trilogy topped best-seller lists in the UK and the US – including the New York Times list – it has, according to the Guardian, outsold all seven Harry Potter books on Amazon. As of July 2012, 31 million copies had been sold worldwide in paperback and ebook format, and sales continue to rise.

Fifty Shades off the page

The novels’ recurrent themes of classical music have led to Amazon’s eagerly anticipated release of Fifty Shades of Grey: The Classical Album, and while no release date has yet been announced for the forthcoming Fifty Shades of Grey Film, it is already generating a lot of media interest, and DVD pre-orders are expected to be high.

Forward2me customers worldwide are using our UK postal address system and UK parcel forwarding service to tap into the Fifty Shades trend. As well as shipping internationally large numbers of Fifty Shades books and CDs ordered through online retailers such as Amazon UK, forward2me have noticed a parallel increase in shipping orders for complementary sexy adult items such as lingerie, adult toys and accessories from a range of UK-based online retailers.

When the orders arrive at the forward2me depot, we bundle them together and send them on in our own branded packaging, saving our customers the hassle, cost and uncertainties often associated with these kinds of multiple overseas deliveries.

We won’t leave expats and non-UK residents out in the cold

Forward2me is a UK parcel forwarding service, meaning you can order your purchases from our UK address and have them shipped internationally to wherever you want them to be.

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