Father's Day fun with forward2me

Father's Day is the day to say 'Thanks, Dad' with a card or a present, a day off from the chores or a car wash. The gift is often the hardest part. The trouble with men is that in general, they don't really want very much, or if they do, it's stuff that's complicated, technical and usually very expensive.

To top it all, it's now been scientifically proven that most men like to buy for themselves. The thrill of the chase is what they like best; the actual object of their desire is often a disappointment. That beautiful Ferrari doesn't have room in the boot for the fishing rod... Hmmm.

So what are we women going to do? Carry on regardless! It's the thought that counts and here at forward2me, we're here to help with all your Father's Day needs and a few things you might not have thought of. We can ship almost anything with our door-to-door tracked service and if there's something really unusual you need, contact our customer services department for help.

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Toys. Most men are big kids at heart and still get excited by lego, remote controlled vehicles and computer games. They're much more fun than slippers, new socks or a cardigan. There are some great gizmos on iwoot. If your budget is a bit bigger, you could treat him to a tablet or an ipod so that a whole new world of games is available.

Tools. Men love gadgets. Even if they hate DIY, it's still important to have the right tools just in case... Who could resist a new drill or a socket set?

Car stuff. Whether it's cleaning equipment, new mats, fluffy dice or a new stereo, kit for the car is always a good choice.

Tech. The latest gear - cameras, phones, tablets, stereos, MP3 players, docks - anything like that will get him excited. There's even tech for the garden - robotic lawnmowers are all the rage this year.

Outdoorsy stuff. Father's Day gear for the outward bound is always popular. From tents to the latest in technical clothing, backpacks, compasses and maps, there's something for the wanderer.

Male grooming. 'New' men are into this stuff. If your 'old' man wants to feel a bit newer this Father's Day, treat him to some pamper products.

Clothes. Some men actually do like them, care about how they look and might even appreciate a shirt or t-shirt that they can clean the car or do DIY in. If they really like it, they'll put it away for 'best' then wear it in a few year's time when it's become unfashionable enough to finally clean the car in. True?

Accessories. Man-bags are useful and there are some stylish choices. Ties, cuff-links and wallets are elegant choices and can be quirky or quality.

A grand day out. Although we can't ship weather or beautiful locations, we can help to make the day special. How about a picnic with a hamper, a personalised deckchair, barbecue or cocktails?

We hope we've made Father's Day less of a conundrum this year. Online shopping makes it so much easier and using forward2me's secure international shipping to deliver your presents takes the hard work out of it completely. Go on, spoil him! Even if he says he doesn't want anything...