Fashion Favourites from Hobbs

The Olympics are now well underway, but there was one story in the run-up to the Games which caught our eye. Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, wore a dress from UK retailer Hobbs when she attended the launch of a sports project in south East London along with husband Prince William and his brother, Prince Harry.

Here at forward2me we ship parcels from Hobbs to our customers all around the world. Hobbs offer to ship parcels internationally themselves, but the range is limited, so customers often find we come in handy if they want something that’s only available in the UK.

Kate’s just topped Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed list for the third year running. And, encouragingly for those of us whose budgets don’t always stretch to haute couture, she’s often seen in dresses from shops on the British High Street. Not just Hobbs, but the likes of Zara and L.K. Bennett too – and they’re also names we regularly come across at the forward2me depot.

So if you’re a dedicated follower of Kate’s fashion, we’re here to help. Sadly, however, if you want that Hobbs dress, you’re out of luck – it was no sooner seen on Kate than it sold out!