Explore the world through "Glass"


The long awaited Google glass has finally surfaced – the new (to the UK) device takes technology to the next level! The device officially is still being developed with the help of consumers before it is opened up to the rest of the world so this is your opportunity to be one of the first to experience this amazing device by buying through forward2me.

The unique device is designed to “get you more out of what you love” by seamlessly fitting in to your everyday life and helping you get on with what you do. The glass already has over 40 apps, such as the Nike app below for helping you with your sports performance!

It costs £1000… you can choose from a variety of frames, colours and shades to customise your glass just the way you like it, but I guess for that price I would expect so to!

The Google glass is especially for those on the move having special apps for running, cycling, golf, navigating and travelling which make your activity or experience superior and easier without having to stop what you are doing or and put down everything to look at what you need to!

To see how the Google glass could fit in to and help your lifestyle check out the video below:

Taking on Google Glass from PRPL on Vimeo.

The glass is hands free device is mainly controlled by “ok glass” voice commands but will certainly be different to anything you will have used before…

The device is high resolution and is the equivalent of a 25-inch HD screen seen from eight feet away, it has 12GB of usable memory and a 5mp camera which takes images and records 720p video.

Check out more about the features of the Google glass, read Techradars review or read stories about how others use the glass in their life!

If you would like to buy the Google glass you can buy it directly from Google Play and if you have trouble with your international card don’t forget to use our personal shopper service!